Lead-Launcher is a “Done For You” marketing service that incorporates best practices, software, content and metrics.

So, for the last ten years we have been consulting with companies ranging in size from $1 million in revenue to $300 million in revenue and the biggest gap we saw over and over again was the ability to generate leads, nurture those prospects and then ultimately fill the sales pipeline with deals and opportunities.

So in a lot of cases the customers would come back to us and say, “Hey, can you do this for us?”

That’s where Lead-Launcher came from. So what we are incorporating in the Lead-Launcher service, as I mentioned, is best practices – who makes an ideal customer for you what are the problems those customers have that you solve and how do we grab that message and encapsulate it into a digital marketing sequence or a campaign, bake that into a software platform that automates it and puts it in a very consistent cadence for you to reach out to your customers and prospects and then ultimately track what’s working.

When they’re opening emails, clicking on them, coming back to your website, engaging with your salespeople and then long story short, we get to see what the metrics are and the results are of these campaigns and how that translates itself to revenue for your company.

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