You send out what you think is a perfectly devised email campaign. And you think to yourself, “How could anybody not love this content?”

Well, apparently, some people on your list were not fans of your content and they hit the dreaded “unsubscribe” button.

This is every digital marketer and salesperson’s nightmare… or is it?

It has always been assumed that when an email recipient unsubscribes from an email campaign they are no longer reachable. However this does not have to be the case.

Here’s How to Re-Engage and Turn an Unsubscriber Into a Sales Opportunity:

Find out why they unsubscribed

People unsubscribe from email for many reasons (i.e.: the content wasn’t what they were looking for, they get too many emails, they aren’t interested, some even do it on accident). Finding out why a person unsubscribed can help you improve your content and target marketing, so even if the unsubscriber wants to stay unsubscribed you still get something out of it. Give them a call, if you have their number or shoot them a personal email.

Ask them what they are interested in receiving

It the unsubscriber says the content wasn’t on target with what they wanted, find out what they do want. Assure them that you only want to give them the content that fits for them.

Re-subscribe them (with their permission)

After talking to the person and learning more about them, ask them if they would like for you to re-subscribe them. With their permission, of course. Note: Don’t push this, some people just don’t want to be re-subscribed, if they don’t, thank them for their time and move on.

Add tags to their contact records in your CRM

If the person agrees to be re-subscribed add tags to their contact records that help refine the type of content they should be receiving (i.e. Red Wine vs. White Wine, Blue Shoes vs. Red Shoes, etc.). To assure that you give them the correct content add tags or notes to the person about their interest. You don’t want them to unsubscribe again.

Give them more directed content

Now use the new information you learned to send better-directed content to your email recipients.




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