What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a feature, which provides live-streaming and video capabilities to Facebook users. The feature capitalizes on the recent Facebook trend of in-the-moment updates and online video consumption.

How to use Facebook Live

When you tap the live stream icon, you can start broadcasting videos live from your smart phone and write a description for the event. The users following you can ‘tune in’ to your broadcast at the time you start to broadcast it or even later. You can complete the video by tapping on the “Finish” button.

Facebook Live is markedly similar to products such as Meerkat and Periscope only that it can retrieve the videos at any time, and it is associated with the other features of the app. You have probably thought of some broadcasting opportunities already. For instance, you may decide to live stream a seminar, a major company announcement or any other participatory event.

How it will transform marketing for your business

Below are some of the ways that Facebook Live can benefit your business:

  • Live-streaming allows you to reach new customers in new ways. Facebook notifies your followers every time you go live. Through Facebook Live you can attract more regular fans on the platform, and you can take this chance to present a quality experience that your viewers will enjoy.
  • Facebook allows you to notify your friends that you are planning to broadcast so that they can wait for it. You can make several announcements in advance to let other users know what to expect. Your followers will thus get more information about your brand every time you want them to.
  • We view live streaming as one of the best ways for a company/business to engage with its customers in real-time. By using Facebook Live you can quickly field customer’s burning questions, let them speak their mind, and check out their reactions concerning your brand.

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