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    Hank Carney

    e-Commerce Marketer with $100M+ in sales

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    The Truth Is… Most People Are Barely Scratching the Surface of ChatGPT’s Potential

    ChatGPT can do so much more than just write tweets and make corrections. It can generate creative ideas, research high-growth markets, write newsletters, brainstorm product ideas, optimize ads, create upsell pages, write reviews, and so much more.

    Discover Unseen Potentials: Unveiling the Astonishing Capabilities of ChatGPT

    ✅ Generate ideas to refresh creatives

    ✅ Research high-growth markets and audiences to target

    ✅ Write a personality-driven, weekly newsletter

    ✅ Brainstorm ideas for products

    ✅ Create a content marketing strategy

    ✅ Optimize Facebook ads and Email subject lines to increase clicks

    ✅ Create upsell pages

    ✅ Craft human-sounding reviews

    ✅ Write side-by-side product comparisons

    ✅ Suggest questions for podcast interviews

    ✅ Research meta-tags and write SEO-friendly descriptions

    ✅ Create quiz questions & results

    ✅ Craft ManyChat sequences

    ✅ Create word-by-word scripts for YouTube and reels

    ✅ Write SMS campaigns, reminders & follow-ups

    ✅ Create high-converting sales scripts

    ✅ Optimize social media bios & posts for increased engagement

    ✅ Identify your unique brand voice

    ✅ Translate website copy for a global audience

    ✅ Summarize data for reporting & client calls

    The AI Revolution Is Here. Will You Adapt or Be Left Behind?

    With our copy & paste prompts, you can save hours, get ahead of your competition, cut costs, deliver high-quality work at scale, streamline operations, and avoid burnout.

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    Zero risk with our 14-day money-back guarantee

    Ready to Save Time, Ditch Tedious Work, and Scale in the AI Era?


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    Get our tested-for-you ChatGPT prompts

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    Save countless hours on your work

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    Use the extra time to scale or relax… your choice!

    Step 1

    Get our tested-for-you ChatGPT prompts

    Step 2

    Save countless hours on your work

    Step 3

    Use the extra time to scale or relax… your choice!

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    The Ultimate Guide to ChatGPT

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    Save countless hours and scale leveraging AI:

    1,000+ copy & paste prompts for digital marketers and entrepreneurs

    99+ tasks for all your marketing needs

    Everything from email marketing to SEO, viral creatives, product ideation, YouTube ads, landing page copy, Twitter marketing & more.

    Tips, examples, and exact prompts to automate everything.

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    Kevin McCann - Lead Launcher

    Meet Kevin McCann – Lead Launcher

    With over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, Kevin McCann has helped some of the biggest brands in the world drive business growth. As part-owner of a Cisco reseller that grew from $6 million to $60 million in just 18 months, he knows the value of “speed to market!” Kevin and his team of copywriters and marketers have created The Ultimate Guide to ChatGPT!

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    We’re so confident that this guide will be a game-changer for you, that if for any reason you don’t see results, you have the right to get a full 14-day refund – no questions asked.

    Have more questions? We’ve got answers! 

    Question: Why do I need prompts when I can come up with ideas myself?

    ChatGPT relies on precise phrases to deliver quality results. One single word can make a huge difference. Our prompts save you time and unlock features of ChatGPT you never thought possible.

    Question: Who is this prompt pack for?

    This pack is designed for digital marketers, agency owners, copywriters, designers, and online entrepreneurs.

    Question: How is this different from other prompt packs or YouTube videos out there?

    Our ChatGPT Prompt Pack includes a vast level of detail and a number of tasks that others don’t. It has everything a digital marketer needs to thrive, plus lifetime updates to never fall behind.

    Question: Will this help me with other platforms like Bard or ChatSonic?

    Absolutely! These prompts are applicable to any other AI that uses a dialogue model to operate.

    Question: How will I access my prompts?

    We will send you a direct link immediately after you complete your purchase.

    Question: I’ve still got questions.

    No problem! Just send us an email at support@lead-launcher.com and we will take care of you.

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    ✅ 1,000+ copy & paste prompts for digital marketers and entrepreneurs

    ✅ Everything from email marketing to SEO, viral creatives, product ideation, YouTube ads, landing page copy, Twitter marketing & more

     50+ examples to get personalized results

    ✅ Tips + prompts to automate everything

    ✅ 14-day money-back guarantee

    Zero risk with our 14-day money-back guarantee