Lead nurturing emails are important for turning more of your leads into customers. If you don’t have an effective lead nurturing system in place, then you’re losing out on potential sales. According to Marketo, a marketing automation software company, companies that are good at converting leads, use lead nurturing emails to attract 50% more leads that are ready to buy. Not only that but these companies attained those ready-to-buy leads at 33% lower cost. Follow these three lead nurturing strategies to increase the number of leads and sales that you receive:

1. Maintain Permission to Contact the Lead

You should aim to maintain permission to contact the lead so that you can nurture them. Although you can’t force a lead to stay, you can do your best to encourage them to stay by always delivering valuable and relevant content. Protect their sensitive information from hackers and keep any information that should be confidential to yourself. You will lose their trust if you don’t protect and respect their private information.

2. Look for Signs of Progress through the Buyer’s Journey

Another essential lead nurturing strategy is to watch for signs of progress through the buyer’s journey. When the prospect enters a different stage, you can use different tactics to continue guiding them to conversion. At the right moment, when the lead is ready to buy, your sales team can interact with them.

3. Share Your Philosophy and Way of Thinking in Your Content

Thirdly, you should share your philosophy and way of thinking in your content. As they read more blogs and social posts from you, your perspectives in the industry will rub off on them. When they begin seeing things in a similar way, they will be more likely to buy from you because the product or service will appear to be more of a necessity for solving their problem.


Lead nurturing is about building and maintaining relationships with leads so that they will eventually turn into customers. Even if they don’t become a customer, they will view your brand in a positive light due to the free help and information they received. Follow the three lead nurturing strategies above to convert a larger percentage of your leads into sales.

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