Businesses that are new to content marketing often make the mistake of publishing too much of one type of content, which causes them to miss potential leads. By type of content, we don’t mean whether it’s an article or social post. We’re talking about which stage of the buyer’s journey that content is written for. Here are two marketing tweaks that will improve your lead generation:

Write Content for the Awareness Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

If your business doesn’t publish content that addresses the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey, then you’re losing many potential leads. People who are in the awareness stage aren’t concerned with solutions to their problem yet. They are concerned with understanding their problem better. Once they have an understanding of why they’re struggling, they’re ready to consider possible solutions. To start posting content based on the awareness stage, identify what triggers your target audience’s awareness of a problem or need. For example, someone who’s working too much may have had his spouse ask for a divorce. This event brings awareness to the fact there was a problem in his marriage. However, if his wife told him it was because he loves his work more than her, then he would have a basic idea of what the problem is. Even though he won’t be entirely sure if that was the real issue or not, he will research to gain a better understanding of what’s going wrong in his life to fix it.

Introduce Your Solution and Provide Detailed Information

In addition to awareness content, you should write content for the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey. Consideration content should introduce your solution and provide detailed information. Webinars and free ebooks are great ways to provide detailed information on a topic. Consideration content should also explain why your solution is better than alternatives. Competition in your field doesn’t only come from those in your specific niche but from those in related niches who solve the same problem.

Conclusion: Lead Generation

These two changes to your marketing will make a huge difference when it comes to generating and converting leads. You want to capture as many leads as possible, so you must ensure you have a variety of articles for each stage of the buyer’s journey. Granted you understand your target audience well, you’ll have no problem delivering the right type of persuasive educational content. We look at each stage of the buyer’s journey when it comes to helping businesses with their sales and marketing. Contact us for more information on how we can help you increase leads for your business.


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