Developing an email that gets noticed  and opened is a challenge of every email marketer today. Following are 10 examples of great email subject lines and, more importantly, what makes them so great!

  1. 5 ways to get people to try you – This subject line identifies a challenge of the intended recipient. Perhaps they offer a new service and you notice their parking lot is frequently empty. You’ve identified a “pain point” and offered possible solutions to their problem.
  2. Your friend Shelly Jones suggested I call you – This subject utilizes personal information to get the reader to open the email. The sender knows that Shelly Jones is someone your intended recipient knows and respects.
  3. How to capture customer’s information on your website – This subject cites a problem of the reader and offers a solution.
  4. Enter here for an opportunity to win tickets to the OSU vs. Michigan game – This email is intended for a business owner that is an avid Buckeye fan. This is the biggest game of the year and tickets are not available for public sale.
  5. Best recruiting tips – The intended reader is an HR director of a company that is struggling to fill open positions.
  6. Top 5 ways to reach millennials – This email is intended for a marketing manager whose company’s primary customer is the millennial but they are only utilizing traditional media and they aren’t getting enough business.
  7. Exclusive invitation – You’ve established something that looks elite and offers great curiosity content.
  8. 2 free months – Attractive offer that is short and sweet but offers intrigue to the reader.
  9. Get your free sample – Provides an attractive offer that the reader would at least like to open and decide if it’s a product that interests him/her enough to get a free sample.
  10. Proven ways to retain quality employees – Offers a clear benefit and is directed to companies who seem to always have open positions.

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